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Introducing today’s cleaner, greener, more efficient smokeless solid fuels.

Coal Products Limited manufactures a portfolio of fuels designed specifically to suit the consumers' home and appliance, and include a number of well known branded products such as Homefire, Ancit, and Phurnacite.

CPL commitment to investing in research and development ensure continual improvement in the performance of their fuels, with the focus on reduced environmental impact.

Supplying over 400 UK based coal merchants, and with export contracts for Ireland, France, and Germany.  CPL's UK based coal manufacturing facility can produce over 300,000 tonnes of solid fuel per annum.

Below is a selection of our most popular coal products:



The first of its kind, Ecoal50 is the world’s most environmentally friendly solid fuel. This revolutionary product is made with 50% renewable materials, and produces 40% less CO2, and 80% less smoke than ordinary house coal.



The market leading smokeless fuel, Homefire provides the very best in heating performance. It generates over 30% more heat, and lasts up to 40% longer than house coal, whilst emitting up to 80% less smoke, and 25% less CO2.



A high performance alternative to house coal, Wildfire is manufactured from 3 different types of fuel, which blend seamlessly to create a product which is easy to light, produces little ash, and has a significant heat output.




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