Corporate Social Responsibility

CPL is wholly committed to dealing with all its customers, suppliers, employees and wider stakeholders in a responsible and ethical manner.  Given the nature of CPL's core business in the manufacture and distribution of solid fuels for domestic use, CPL pays particular attention to the positive role it can play in the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions through the development of lower CO2, environmentally friendlier fuels.

The following outlines CPL's work in this area, and further explains how CPL manages its supply chain when sourcing from countries with low wages and high numbers of migrant workers, the steps CPL takes to minimise its impact on the environment and how CPL fulfils its social responsibilities to staff, members of the public and other interested parties.


Our Business

Supply Chain

Where possible, CPL purchases all of its goods and services locally. CPL has traditionally purchased all of its coal products from UK based coal suppliers, and still purchases large amounts of product from Scottish and Welsh mines. However the decline in the UK coal industry has meant that CPL has been forced to source products from overseas.

Ethical Trading

CPL is committed to ensuring that relationships with their suppliers are ethically as well as commercially based. The company is also a member of the internationally recognised SEDEX Information Exchange. CPL has a strict adherence to Government recognised trading sanctions, and will not trade with any countries or companies that they have reason to believe may exploit people or the environment unfairly.

Another objective is to develop long term partnerships with our suppliers. Each supplier must as a minimum, comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations, including the fair treatment of employees, and the right for said employees to work in a safe and hygienic environment.

View our Ethical Trading Policy.



Our Achievements

CPL recognises that its product and business operations have an influence on the environment and endeavours to take practical steps to minimise any negative impact.

As a responsible and forward thinking company, CPL strive to comply with all environmental, legal, and other requirements that apply to their activities, products, and services. CPL work to ensure the availability of the necessary resources to implement, maintain and develop environmental management in order to deliver continuous improvement in their environmental performance.

Environmentally friendlier products

CPL’s most significant positive impact on the environment is the reduction of carbon emissions through the development of environmentally friendlier smokeless fuels.

In 2011, CPL launched Ecoal50, which is made using 50% renewable materials. This revolutionary smokeless coal actually outperforms traditional coal, and emits up to 40% less CO₂ at the same time. For every tonne of coal replaced by Ecoal50, 1.1 tonnes less CO₂ is produced.

Whilst Ecoal50 is CPL’s flagship product, all CPL manufactured fuels now include at least 15% renewable material, helping to further reduce CO2 emissions

CPL manufactures several other products with eco credentials; including LoCOal and Heat Logs, ensuring that all of our customers, regardless of fuel preference, have an environmentally friendlier choice of fuel should they desire to use it.

Biomass Wood Pellets

Wood pellet or more specifically, biomass heating has been used widely across Europe for decades, and is now gaining popularity throughout the UK, particularly with the launch of government backed incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, and the drive to meet energy targets in individual businesses, and homes.

The European governing body for wood pellets, ENPlus, recognise CPL's high levels of service, and the high quality of their products, and have awarded CPL ENPlus A1 certification for their wood pellet distribution service.

Wood Fuel

CPL endeavours to use Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) certified wood wherever possible. The company makes every effort to avoid trading directly or indirectly in the sourcing of wood or wood products from any of the following categories:

·         Illegal logging or the trade in illegal wood or forest products;

·         Violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations;

·         Destruction of high conservation values in forestry operations;

·         Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use;

·         Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations.


FSC License C008025

View our FSC Policy.

In addition, CPL will not knowingly be involved directly or indirectly with any activities that are in violation of any of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Conventions, as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998. For clarity these Core Conventions are:

·         The elimination of forced and compulsory labour.

·         The abolition of child labour.

·         The elimination or discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

·         Freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Active carbon reduction projects


CPL strives to reduce CO₂ emissions from transport, and is currently involved in a rolling program to upgrade all of its delivery vehicles to the latest Euro 5 vehicular emissions standards.  CPL’s fleet of company cars are replaced regularly, and must always comply with the most up to date emissions standards in place at the time of purchase. Along with driver training, CPL also actively encourages car sharing, to help reduce CO₂ emissions associated with employee commuting.

Head Office

CPL has recently relocated to a more modern head office building. The new, thermally efficient building is heated via a ground source heating system, and has motion controlled lights and ventilation systems installed throughout.

View our Environmental Policy.

CPL People

Training & Development

CPL is currently working to develop Training and Graduate programmes on top of Apprenticeship schemes already offered in various departments across the business.

The company is of the belief that employees should be supported and encouraged to maximise their full potential in line with the objectives and constraints of the Business.  Career development is open to everyone on a fair and equitable basis and is the joint responsibility of the individual and their manager. 

Training will be provided for all employees on a fair and equitable basis.  It is recognised that it is the talent, skills and behaviour of everyone that enhances the performance and reputation of the Business.



Good Fuel Guide

CPL have invested heavily in to the production of a ‘Good Fuel Guide’, which is available free of charge throughout the UK, and provides advice to customers regarding health and safety, how to look after their fireplace and chimney, and where in the industry they can look to if they are in need of a chimney sweep, or repairs.


CPL is keen to show support to local and national charities. Various fund raising days and events are held throughout the year.

Guides and Advice

CPL provides a comprehensive selection of freely accessible product guides on all of their ecommerce websites.

CPL offers a great choice of career opportunities. View available job vacancies and apply now.


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