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Company Overview

CPL is a diversified company operating in the following sectors:

  • the manufacture of solid fuels
  • the distribution of activated carbons and management of activated carbon mobile filters
  • the wholesale of solid fuels
  • refractory repair services and products
  • the distribution and retail of solid fuels
  • the manufacture and sale of protective bags and covers

CPL has manufacturing and sales facilities in the UK, Ireland and South Africa and also has sales offices in France and Spain.

Leading Manufacturer of Solid Fuels

CPL is Europe’s leading manufacturer of smokeless solid fuels, with a capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year.  It has manufacturing capability in both the UK and Ireland and makes a significant investment each year in research and development to ensure its products remain cutting edge.  In particular, CPL is making significant efforts to develop bio-fuels through the use of technologies such as hydro thermal carbonisation and torrefaction.  This will enable CPL to offer products to the market which maximise the use of waste products.

Wholesale, Distribution and Retail of Solid Fuels

As well as being a leading manufacturer of solid fuels, CPL is also active in bringing its products such as Homefire; Phurnacite and Supertherm to the retail market.

To do this, CPL operates a large warehouse in Worksop to ensure it can distribute its products to a number of well known retailers and hardware stores.  CPL also has in excess of 40 depots across the UK so that its products can be delivered direct to the door of end consumers.

For those customers wishing to buy directly from CPL, it operates a number of e-commerce websites including:



In Ireland, CPL Fuels Ireland distributes CPL products through its relationships with nearly 300 coal merchants and major retailers.

Activated Carbons

Activated carbon is a rapidly growing market; particularly as legislation around the world focuses on the importance of environmental standards.

CPL’s activated carbon business (CPL Activated Carbons) offers a range of activated carbon absorption products and equipment.  The products supplied by CPL Activated Carbons are used in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications.  The uses of activated carbon range from filtration systems for biogas facilities to the manufacture of industrial chemicals.  The customers of CPL Activated Carbons are based around the world, but CPL Activated Carbons is particularly active in the UK, Spain, France and Australia.

CPL has also made a significant investment in carbon reactivation facilities.  This allows companies that have used carbon in their industrial applications to have it treated so that waste products can be removed and the carbon re-activated for subsequent use.  This enables the life of the product to be significantly extended.

Refractory Repairs

CPL Refractories is an international supplier of ceramic welding (fused silica pressed shaped products) and coke oven repair services.  CPL Refractories has been servicing coke makers worldwide for more than 30 years.  The business also operates a manufacturing facility in South Africa for the production of fused silica products.

Business Development

CPL gets its products to market through a wide range of arrangements including distribution and agency agreements.  It continually keeps its supply chain under review to ensure that the best products find their way to market in the shortest possible time.  CPL is also active in speaking to potential business partners about its waste to solid fuel research and in developing the reactivation of carbon market.  If you are interested in partnering with CPL, please feel free to use the "Contact us" section with your proposal.

Corporate Governance

The CPL business is led by a small and focused board comprising the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and non-executive directors currently appointed by Vision Capital.

The main board is responsible for policy setting, strategic oversight, the financial probity and performance of the CPL Group.  The main board is therefore accountable for the overall governance framework of the CPL Group.  The main board also operates a remuneration committee in relation to the pay and performance of its senior employees and an audit committee which reviews the risk profile of the Group, is responsible for signing off annual reports and accounts, and seeks to ensure the Group operates high standards of ethical behaviour.

The Group also operates an Business Conduct Group led by the CEO to oversee and monitor compliance with key legislation.

Leadership Team

The CPL Group is lead by its Chief Executive, Tim Minett.  He joined the business in 2002 as Managing Director for the solid fuel distribution and then Managing Director of the petroleum distribution businesses.  He was appointed CEO in 2007.
The Chief Finance Officer is Darren Wake.  He also joined the business in 2002 in Group Finance, then Finance Controller of the petroleum distribution business before being appointed as CFO in 2007.
The leadership team also comprises an experienced group of industry professionals including a Production and R&D Director, a Sales Director, Distribution Director, Director for Ireland, Director for Activated Carbons, and a Commercial and Procurement Director.

Business Conduct and Ethical Trade

CPL is committed to ensuring that it trades with suppliers, customers and competitors in a fair and responsible fashion.

CPL is a member of Sedex and has a number of staff that are SMETA trained and which conduct audits with its suppliers to ensure that they operate in accordance with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code.

The Board of CPL is committed to compliance with competition law, health & safety, anti-bribery, data protection, equality and diversity requirements.  CPL has clear policies and training in each of these areas and has a Code of Conduct as part of its programme to embed compliance throughout the business.

Any party that has an interest in CPL's policies or compliance programme can contact it at cplenquiries@cplindustries.co.uk.

CPL will also operate a whistleblowing helpline to ensure that those working with CPL have an opportunity to raise any concerns anonymously with the business.  Any supplier or contractor that also has concerns may also raise matters directly with either the Chief Executive Officer or the Head of Legal by writing to them directly and in confidence at the Company's head office at Westthorpe Fields Road, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1TZ.

CPL's compliance efforts are reported regularly to either the main CPL Board or its audit committee to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in these key areas of how CPL trades as a business.

Our History

CPL was founded in 1973 from the non-mining operations of British Coal.  By 1995, it was privatised through a management buy-out and has gone through a period of evolution since then.  Some of the key highlights in CPL’s history include:

1989    -    Acquisition of Immingham – now the CPL Group’s key manufacturing facility.

1995    -    Privatisation.

1997    -    Coal and petroleum businesses acquired.

1998    -    UK Petroleum Products acquired.  CPL Petroleum formed.

1999    -    Carbon Link acquired.

2004    -    Environmental Energy and Carbons supply business sold.

2007    -    CPL Petroleum sold.

2008    -    Sale of Scottish distribution business to Fergussons.

2009    -    Operation of CPL charcoal ceased.

2012    -    CPL Fuels Ireland launched.

2015    -    Acquisition of Corrall Rudrums coal distribution business.

2016    -    Acquisition of CPL Galaquim in Spain, Fergussons coal in Scotland, CPL Cardek South Africa.

2017    -    Disposal of wood pellets business, acquisition of Northover solid fuel distribution business, CPL Ireland’s manufacturing facility becomes fully operational, acquisition of French solid fuel business.

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The UK's largest coal merchant and wholesaler. CPL is also the largest producer of solid fuel briquettes in Europe.

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