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Strong Growth through Premium Brands

CPL is a major success story for UK industry and particularly in the UK coal sector.

CPL Industries Ltd, incorporated in November 1994, is a diversified manufacturing and distribution company, which was originally part of British Coal.  Its products and services include smokeless solid fuels, bituminous and anthracite coal, renewable fuels including logs and wood pellets, activated carbons, protective covers and bags, refractory repair services and hydrothermal carbonisation, which it supplies to both domestic and international customers.

CPL Industries is focussed on new product development, with the aim of producing fully renewable, high performance fuels.  CPL is therefore proud to be the first and only company to develop a smokeless solid fuel that includes 50% renewable biomass - Ecoal50 smokeless coal, which emits up to 80% less smoke and 40% less Carbon Dioxide than coal.  All CPL’s manufactured solid fuels include a proportion of renewable biomass - on average 20% across the mix.

CPL Industries is currently working to develop the next generation of high performance solid fuels which will incorporate 100% renewable biomass.  This work is linked to extensive research into the development of large scale, commercially viable Torrefaction and Hydrothermal Carbonisation technologies that will allow CPL to incorporate a larger range of renewable feedstocks into the briquettes.

The company provides its products and services through seven businesses – CPL Products, CPL Distribution, CPL Fuels Ireland, CPL Ingelia, CPL Carbon Link, CPL Refractory Repairs and CPL Felthams.  

CPL Industries - Delivering a better serviceCPL now handles around 50% of all UK domestic use solid fuel products (approximately 500,000 tonnes in 2016/17) and employs over 600 people. Today, CPL is Europe's leading and most innovative manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of solid fuels.

The company is based in the United Kingdom, with its head office located at Killamarsh near Sheffield and operates from a further 41 other locations, including offices in Ireland.

CPL is the largest producer of solid fuel briquettes in Europe.

In 2016/17 CPL manufactured over 300,000 tonnes, over four times more than our nearest competitor, from its two manufacturing plants located at Immingham, (UK) and Foynes (Republic of Ireland).  We are the UK and Ireland industries price and quality leader and have built a successful and growing European export business to France, Germany and the Netherlands.

CPL is the UK's largest coal merchant and wholesaler, selling to around 100,000 end users, 15 wholesalers, 600 merchants and 5,000 retailers. We are the only solid fuel distributor covering England, Scotland and Wales, making over one million deliveries to around 120,000 customer locations a year via our 40 depots and our modern 180 truck fleet.

CPL has a market leading position with key UK supermarket, DIY and forecourt distribution channels.

Our established, market-leading brands and an expanding product range cover all price points and address the increasingly important renewable fuels (wood logs, wood pellets, renewable content briquettes) market.

CPL has the broadest product range in the sector, manufacturing 12 solid fuel products for sale in the UK. Around 80% of our manufactured products are sold under our own premium brands, including Homefire, Phurnacite and Ecoal50.

We also have a rapidly growing web presence, with internet sales up year on year.

CPL is well positioned to grow in a 2.1 m tonne per annum market, with high barriers to entry and strong growth drivers.
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The UK market for briquettes and wood is currently around one million tonnes per annum and growing, driven by increasing consumer desire to go green, and rising demand for multi-fuel stoves. 

There has been rapid growth in supermarket, forecourt and DIY outlet sales of charcoals, briquettes and wood over the last two years, rising 70% between 2012-13 and 2016-17.

CPL has strong established relationships with leading wholesalers, merchants, retailers and end-users in the UK, handling around 50% of the UK coal-based solid fuel market.

CPL Industries

The UK's largest coal merchant and wholesaler. CPL is also the largest producer of solid fuel briquettes in Europe.

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