CPL Carbon Link

CPL Carbon Link

CPL Carbon Link is an International provider of Activated Carbon Products and Solutions.

Global Carbon Services

Activated Carbon Products

CPL Carbon Link assists customers with the practical application of activated carbon products in a broad range of vapour and liquid phase adsorption systems as the leading international supplier of Filtracarb® speciality activated carbon and associated adsorption technology.

From key manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and Australia, CPL Carbon Link utilises modern solutions to deliver a comprehensive range of activated carbon products for all applications.

Unrivalled ExpertiseExtensive Resources

Able to call on the the extensive resources of the CPL Industries Group and with unrivalled industrial expertise in the supply and application of activated carbon products CPL Carbon Link is at the forefront of activated carbon technology.

CPL Carbon Link delivers comprehensive manufacturing, supply and recycling services for a wide range of activated carbons and other filtration and adsorption media through its associate companies leveraging process evaluation, through to equipment design and carbon recycling.

Carbon Link - Activated Carbon

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