CPL Industries to bring new HTC waste to energy technology to Ireland

In co-operation with Nottingham University and Ingelia (Spain), CPL Industries has developed a new hydrothermal carbonisation process, capable of converting 150kilos p/h of waste to energy.
The process has completed commissioning trials at the company’s Immingham plant and Niall McGuinness, CEO of its Irish arm, CPL Fuels, announced today that it will bring the process to Ireland in the next 6-9 months, alongside a commitment to establish a HTC plant within that timeframe.
Speaking at the 2019 National Bioenergy Conference in Dublin on 13th February, Niall explained: “We are excited to introduce this new technology to Ireland which capable of converting up to 30,000 tonnes per year of wet waste into biofuels with greater energy content to that of wood pellets. The high temperature used in the HTC process sanitises wet waste such as sludge and fish waste, thereby rendering the output carbon suitable for re-use.”  
With a track record through its manufacturing plant in Foynes, opened in 2017 and now fully operational, this move further indicates CPL Industries’ commitment to a greener Irish economy and to playing its part in the de-carbonisation of Ireland.
Planning permission for a HTC plant at the CPL site in Foynes has already been granted, and the company is in advanced discussions with some of Ireland’s leading waste suppliers to bring the technology to Ireland.

Mr. McGuiness invited all conference attendees to speak to the company about the technology with a view to bringing a new solution to waste management in Ireland.
By December 2020, biodegradable waste going to landfills must be reduced to 149,450 tonnes in order to comply with the EU Waste Framework Directive. Mr McGuiness concluded that this new technology can play a major role in the effort to reduce Ireland’s landfill waste. 
Our new video explains how CPL makes biocoal from organic waste streams using novel HTC (hydrothermal carbonisation) technology.  Our HTC facility in Immingham is the first of its kind in the UK and represents a genuine alternative to the landfilling of food waste, garden waste and other organic wastes

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