CPL Industries has welcomed the Irish Government’s announcement that it will be the first country in Europe to extend a ban nationwide on smoky coal.
The ban was announced by Denis Naughten, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, following the successful conclusion of his consultations with the European Union (EU) to ensure the ban is compatible with EU legislation and the internal market. 
The intended ban will come into effect incrementally, beginning Autumn 2018, and will allow a period of 12 months for the industry to 'wash through' existing stock with a full ban coming into effect from Autumn 2019.
CPL's chief executive Tim Minett said: “We strongly welcome the lead that Ireland has taken in Europe on this issue, which will support environmental improvements by delivering cleaner air and will help save lives. 
“Furthermore it represents a major strategic milestone for CPL as we have positioned the business to take advantage of the market opportunity this ban will present. 
“We have made a substantial investment in building a new briquetting plant in Foynes, County Limerick, which will enable us to supply the Irish market with an alternative to smoky coal.”
CPL smokeless fuels are both energy efficient and cost effective, and will provide a greener and more dependable alternative to traditional house coal.
The new briquetting plant in Foynes is now in full production and is capable of manufacturing around 200,000 tonnes of smokeless solid fuel each year.
The burning of bituminous or smoky coal is one the worst offenders when it comes to air pollution, notably because of the generation of particulate matter and sulphur dioxide.
Europe is supposed to be one of the cleanest inhabited regions of the world but over the past decade air pollution has been increasing rather than decreasing – and the health effects are more pronounced than previously estimated, according to research. 
Of particular concern is extreme pollution events that are arising in urban areas, even where there is a ban on smoky coal.
Irish research has shown that “extreme air pollution events are driven by burning of solid residential fuel (namely, peat, wood and biomass) even though less than 4 per cent solid fuel is consumed, this accounts disproportionately for 70 per cent of the pollution”, scientists at NUI Galway concluded.

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