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CPL Products Limited is one of Europe’s largest producer of smokeless solid fuel briquettes for use in the domestic home heating market. 

Reducing Environmental ImpactThe heart of the operation is the modern briquetting plant based in Immingham, United Kingdom, that is capable of manufacturing over 300,000 tonnes of briquettes each year.

CPL Products success is built on a range of high quality, high performance products that have become brand leaders in the market, with well known names such as Homefire, Phurnacite and Ecoal50.

CPL Products uses a proprietary manufacturing method that incorporates a percentage of renewable material (up to 50%) in each and every briquette.  The presence of renewable material in the briquettes reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40% compared to coal, making Coal Product’s briquettes more environmentally friendlier than coal and any other briquettes on the market.

CPL Products competitive advantage lies firmly within its staff members, with well established and highly experienced teams of chemists, process engineers, production operatives, maintenance crews, sales people and managers who take immense pride in their manufacturing capabilities and the products they produce.

CPL Products – Facts & Figures

  • Originally part of National Coal Board, incorporated in 1973
  • Capable of Manufacturing 300,000 tonnes of briquettes each year
  • Export to Germany, France and the Netherlands
  • Manufacture 24 different briquettes.  12 are sold domestically in the UK, with the remainder being manufactured to comply with the differing regulations and market requirements that exist in export markets.
  • Sell to UK domestic market through a network of wholesalers and over 400 traditional coal merchants.

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We have been manufacturing smokeless fuel since the 1940s, but since then, the company has grown to encompass a range of industries from charcoal and activated carbon, to refractory repairs and renewable energy. Our wealth of industry knowledge, combined with enormous manufacturing capabilities and a team of expert staff has helped to position us at the forefront of the European solid fuel industry.

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