Government Minister Thérèse Coffey given tour of CPL’s manufacturing plant

Thérèse Coffey, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DEFRA, paid a visit to CPL’s manufacturing plant at Immingham Briquetting Works on 2nd August.

The Government Minister, pictured here with CPL’s Chief Executive Tim Minett, was given a tour of the site to gain an understanding of the process involved in producing smokeless solid fuel briquettes and their relative benefit (lower PM*) to the atmosphere compared to traditional house coal.

Smokeless fuels are better for the environment than smoky coal, as they emit up to 80% less smoke and 40% less Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Minister’s visit was particularly timely in light of the government’s recently published air quality report acknowledging the need to work with solid fuel retailers to make a shift towards using more efficient, cleaner fuels and stoves.

*Particulate Matter - Minute airborne liquid or solid particles (such as smoke, dust, fume, mist, smog) that cause air pollution.

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