Our Environment

Reduced carbon footprints

CPL Industries is driven to deliver a challenging Environmental Policy in 2017 and beyond.

We are focused on producing cleaner, greener, more efficient and environmentally friendlier domestic fuel products.

CPL Carbon Dioxide and Smoke Reduction Initiatives:
Ecoal - with 25% less CO2

•    Ecoal50, launched in 2012, has 50% renewable content and emits up to 40% less CO2 output than coal
•    Instant Light Ecoal50 for multi-fuel burners was launched in 2009 with environmentally and customer friendly packaging
•    We expanded into firewood logs market in 2009 with a focus on high quality kiln dried logs
•    Leading the development of environmentally friendlier, next generation fuels with the launch of such products as Olive Briquettes and Supercharged Heat Logs
•   Influential members of the DEFRA backed Ready to Burn scheme, designed to help consumers identify and purchase only low moisture wood fuels that offer better heating performance, but more importantly lower smoke emissions and therefore cleaner air

CPL Industries

The UK's largest coal merchant and wholesaler. CPL is also the largest producer of solid fuel briquettes in Europe.

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